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How Do I Find the Right Skirt Size?

Ever wondered about our skirt sizes? Find out how to find your perfect skirt below!


At Educational Outfitters, our skirt sizes are similar to the way they are in department stores. However, things can become a bit confusing once we add in Half, Half Teen, and Junior sizes. We sell skirts in the sizes 3-16 and these are called our regular sizes. Half sizes are determined by taking a number, such as 14, and then dividing it by 2 to get the half size number. This makes it so that our half size skirts are larger in the waist, but shorter in length. Additionally, we carry "half teen sizes" which are simply a continuation of half sizes after 18H. This would mean that the next size up from 18H is a 14Ht or "half teen". Junior sizes come in odd numbers and most run 1-17, however some styles come in "0" and other go up to 27.

Now for a quick recap:

Regular sizes are just like department store sizes, half sizes are really double the size it says in the waist, but with a shorter length, half teen sizes are a continuation of half sizes after 18H, and junior sizes come in odd numbers mostly from 1-17.

If you have any questions, feel free to stop by one of our stores and any of our workers can help you to find the right size skirt in person.

Good luck with finding your perfect skirt,

Your EO Staff